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Founded over 50 years ago, the SNBA has enjoyed a rich tradition of good-natured, spirited competition in the sport of bowling, and always-friendly interaction among its members. With a current active membership of over 300 men and women, the SNBA is proud to be one of the strongest Nisei Bowling Associations in the United States.

The SNBA is a member association of the Northern California Nisei Bowling Federation, which is comprised of 12 local associations across Northern California.

Yearly bowling activities of the SNBA include an Annual Invitational Tournament held in the month of February and an Annual Senior No-Tap Tournament held in the month of November. Each year, both of the SNBA tournaments attracts bowlers from Northern and Central California. Every year, the SNBA also holds an Awards Banquet to get together as an organization to recognize the outstanding achievements over the past year.

The By-Laws of the SNBA define the general guidelines by which the organization shall operate. Because the SNBA is a member of the Northern California Nisei Bowling Federation, it must also adhere to guidelines created by that organization.

Both of these sets of guidelines are intended to preserve the fundamental objectives and traditions upon which Nisei Bowling was created some 60 years ago.

SNBA By-Laws

The SNBA Executive Board is comprised of the President, Men's Vice-President, Women's Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. These offices are elected through an election of the SNBA general membership. The term of each office is two years. Elections are held every other year, generally in the month of April.

2015 -2016 Term


Rick Goishi

Men's Vice-President

Mike Tanaka


Women's Vice President

Tracy Green


May Sease


Karen Nakao


No Photo

Two additional SNBA officer positions are the JANBA representatives. The representatives are required to attend JANBA Board meetings held at the beginning of each JANBA tournament, representing the interests of our SNBA members that attend JANBA each year. At the conclusion of each JANBA tournament, they will be responsible for reporting back to the SNBA on any general discussions/updates occuring within the JANBA community. The term of these positions are also for two years, as dictated by the SNBA By-Laws.

SNBA JANBA Representatives

Brian Mar


Darren Tsumura

You may contact the SNBA via e-mail at...


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